The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Home Insurance

Home insurance is a must.  It is one of the most important types of insurance for homeowners that protect the property itself, personal belongings, and provides liability coverage. If you are a homeowner, or you are only thinking of getting a home, Busick Insurance Agency LLC serving clients in Orleans, IN prepared a list of the most popular questions and answers about this type of insurance:

What Does Standard Home Insurance Cover? 

A typical homeowners’ policy covers the following things:

  • The structure of a home
  • Personal belongings of homeowners
  • Additional living expenses if a home becomes unsafe to stay in 
  • Personal liability and legal fees
  • Other structures related to the property (garage, shed, etc.)
  • Valuable items (additional coverage may be needed)

Is Home Business Covered By Standard Home Insurance?

In most cases, standard home insurance policies do not cover home business. If you run a business at home, you should get separate commercial insurance. 

What Does Affect The Cost of Home Insurance?

There are certain factors affecting the cost of home insurance. These factors include the location of your home, your credit score, claims history, and others. A home insurance rate may also change based on renovations to your property. 

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