Why Add Medical Benefits Coverage to Your Motorcycle Policy

Many motorcyclists in Orleans, IN, view motorcycle insurance as a policy to protect their bikes. If their bike gets damaged in an accident, they file a claim with Busick Insurance Agency LLC, and their policy’s collision provision covers it. Indiana allows its residents to add another important type of coverage to their motorcycle policy—medical benefits. 

What Medical Benefits Provides

When you add medical benefits coverage to your motorcycle policy, you cover your medical costs from injuries and those of any passenger you have on the bike. Medical benefits coverage pays for your medical expenses, whether you or someone else caused the accident. It covers your injuries in a single-vehicle accident, too. For example, if you run into your neighbor’s mailbox, it covers any injuries you incurred. 

Why Medical Benefits Prove Helpful 

In the U.S., most adults carry some health insurance. These policies must meet federal minimum coverage standards, but most of them aren’t designed for a catastrophic medical emergency. A motorcycle accident can cause such a medical emergency. Medical benefits coverage provides payment to the hospital for critical emergency care.

You can decide whether to pay a deductible and the deductible if you choose one when setting up the policy. Because it qualifies as a primary policy, you can rely on it to pay for your medical costs alongside your health insurance. You don’t have to deplete one policy’s maximum before using the medical benefits policy. 

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