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Medicare in Indiana

This is the time that all Medicare enrollees should take stock of how well their current Medicare plan is serving their needs, evaluate the other Medicare products available in their area, and make any changes they feel will be beneficial for them, without penalty. As our healthcare needs and financial situations may change in any given year, it's wise to become familiar with the variety of Medicare plans available to us. In Indiana, there are many different options to choose from and we here at Busick Insurance Agency, LLC are familiar with them all.

Everyone understands Medicare Part A (Hospital stays, skilled nursing facility, hospice care) for which there is no premium and Medicare Part B (Medical, particular doctor services, preventive services, outpatient care) for which we do pay a monthly premium.

These are considered Original Medicare policies. If you live in Orleans, IN or Paoli, however, there may be some other options available to you:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans – Offered by private insurance companies (Aetna, Humana, etc.) to Indiana residents, these plans may seem similar to the healthcare plans you were on before retirement, with features like vision coverage. Some Advantage plans come with drug coverage, and some do not. These plans replace original Medicare. Some charge a premium in addition to your Part B premium.
  • Medicare Supplemental Plans – These are in addition to your original Medicare and are offered by private companies to pay some of the healthcare costs that are not covered by original Medicare. There is usually a premium for supplemental plans.
  • Medigap policy – Offered by private insurance companies, this policy can also cover you when you travel outside the US.

If you have any questions or would like assistance in starting your policy, Busick Insurance Agency, LLC in Orleans, IN is only a visit or phone call away. Talk with our agents to get started.