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Indiana Homeowners with home insurance coverage

Home Insurance in Indiana

Your home is one of your biggest investment and can cost thousands of dollars to repair should an accident occur to the structure or on your property. By having a home insurance policy, you are guaranteeing the future of your home by preparing for unpredictable damages.

At Busick Insurance Agency, LLC in Orleans, IN, we aim to protect your home and offer a broad range of coverage including:

Home and other structures

We will cover the cost of repairing as well as the cost of rebuilding of your house and other structures, both attached and unattached. Loss or damage resulting from natural disasters like tornadoes and fires, as well as anti-social acts like vandalism and theft are covered.

Personal belongings

With a home insurance policy, you will be indemnified if an insured event occurs and ruins your belongings. This coverage will save you the cost of replacing electronics, furniture, and clothes which can be very costly to finance from your pocket.


Valuables like fine art, portraits, articles, and jewelry can be included in the policy before purchasing with additional coverage.

Hotel and other expenses

Damage can sometimes render your home uninhabitable. We will cover the cost of living away from home. Hotel and other charges for you and your family may be covered.


A guest can become injured at your home and can sue you. We will cover the medical expenses and the cost of the lawsuit depending on the event.

You never know when an unfortunate event could cause costly damage to your home. Having a home insurance policy gives you peace of mind because your investment is protected.

Our coverage is not limited to what has been mentioned. We offer policies with a broad range of coverage depending on what an individual needs. At Busick Insurance Agency, LLC in Orleans, IN, we will help you acquire a home insurance policy that is right for you. Call or visit our Indiana offices and find out how to start a home insurance policy for your home today.