What Is Umbrella Insurance

When considering insurance you likely think of individual policies, such as home, auto, and life. However, umbrella insurance is different. It isn’t fixed to just one item you own or one aspect of your life. It, as the name suggests, opens up and covers a number of items under its "umbrella." But what exactly is umbrella insurance? Our staff here at Busick Insurance Agency LLC is here to answer that very question. So whether you live near Orleans, IN, or anywhere else, here is what you need to know about umbrella insurance. 

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Your home, auto, recreational vehicle, or other items you own likely have some sort of liability coverage attached to it. This is helpful but it may not fully protect you and all the financial burdens that can come with legal action taken against you. Instead of taking on added liability coverage for everyone you own, why not instead take out a blanket coverage that covers everything? With umbrella insurance that is exactly what you do. This is an excellent idea if you have valuable vehicles or properties and you want to protect yourself from lawsuits, or if you have student drivers and want to invest in the protection, just in case an incident comes up that requires legal help. Umbrella insurance can help with all of this. 

Consider Umbrella Insurance

If you are interested in additional liability protection across the board, umbrella insurance very much is the kind of coverage you need to consider. It doesn’t just focus on one aspect of your life but all aspects of your life. If this sounds like the kind of protection you need, now is the time to contact our staff at Busick Insurance Agency LLC. When you call greater Orleans, IN home, our staff is here to service you.