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Commercial Insurance in Indiana

Depending on the type of business that you own and operate, there are several types of commercial insurance that Indiana residents can get to protect against uncertainties that may occur. If you own a car or a fleet of vehicles that you or your employees use for company purposes, commercial automobile liability insurance will pay for property damage and medical costs that are the result of accidents for which you or your employees are at fault. You can also obtain comprehensive commercial auto insurance that will pay for repairs to your automobiles that are necessary because of vandalism or severe weather.

Accidents that happen in rental cars or an employee's vehicle can be insured under your general commercial auto insurance policy, and if you use freight trucks in the state of Indiana, you can purchase motor truck cargo insurance to pay for lost or damaged goods. There is also coverage available that is specific to tow services.

Other Insurance Options

Commercial liability insurance is a vital indemnity that will cover losses incurred by your customers and may include a degree of coverage for slips and falls that occur on your business property. For a complete protection in this regard, you need a commercial property insurance policy, as this can pay for physical injuries, and it may also provide payment for expenses related to lawsuits.

To guard you against situations that involve compensating employees during periods of recuperation for injuries sustained on the job, Orleans, IN business owners will need workers' compensation insurance. Errors & Omissions insurance is another vital policy to have, as it handles costs related to mistakes made by you or your employees.

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