Every Business Needs Protection – Commercial Insurance Provides It

Are you a business owner in or near Orleans, IN? Does Commercial Insurance cover your business? The Busick Insurance Agency LLC can provide the coverage your business should have.

Businesses should have insurance coverage because it helps cover the expenses associated with liability claims and property damage. Without this coverage, business owners may have to pay out-of-pocket for expensive damages and legal claims against their business.

Business insurance coverage helps to save you time, money, and stress. It protects your company from damage and provides benefits for your employees. What types of insurance should your business have?

  • Business income insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Data breach insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Most states require a small business to have insurance coverage. Without it, a company faces risk if:

  • A customer or client gets hurt at your place of business and sues you
  • A fire destroys your inventory or building
  • A computer containing your client’s personal information has been stolen

Most states require workers’ compensation. If an employee suffers a work-related illness or injury, it will provide benefits such as:

  • Funeral benefits
  • Lost wages
  • Medical care

Understand that workers’ compensation benefits are different than unemployment insurance benefits.

Business insurance will protect your customers with a BOP or a business owner’s policy. This policy combines business property and business liability coverage into one to help protect your business from the following:

  • Bodily injury
  • Personal and advertising injury
  • Product liability
  • Property damage

Data breach insurance protects your business and customers if a security breach occurs. It will help to pay for the following:

  • Identity protection solutions
  • Legal fees
  • Liability
  • Public relations

Busick Insurance Agency LLC, serving the Orleans, IN area, can provide a quote or answers to your questions. Contact us today and find out what they can do to help protect your business.

Do Stay-At-Home Parents Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is not a legal requirement for Orleans, IN residents, but many voluntarily choose to invest in this financial instrument for its benefits. A question often asked is whether a stay-at-home parent needs to consider this indemnification. 

Suppose you or your spouse is currently staying at home. In that case, a life insurance policy can help ensure that burial costs are taken care of, alleviating your family of this financial obligation at a difficult time. A one-income family can sometimes be disadvantaged when trying to save for these contingencies. 

The parent, who is the children’s primary caretaker, provides many needed services that are difficult to replace. Their passing will usually create immediate uncertainty with scheduling, as the breadwinner will still have to maintain their job and working hours. Your knowledgeable Busick Insurance Agency LLC can answer your specific questions as to the types of coverage we offer. 

Driving children to school and other activities, along with evening childcare, will need to be carried out by someone else. A death benefit can help bereaved spouses juggle these responsibilities after their partner’s death. Meal preparation, cleaning, homeschooling, and laundry, are other tasks that may need to be outsourced as well.

Educational costs can also be paid for with life insurance, benefiting children into the future. This can be a way for a stay-at-home parent to generate an inheritance for their offspring. You may want to calculate the projected costs of maintaining your current or expected family size should your partner pass away. 

Busick Insurance Agency LLC Can Help You

We serve those living in and around Orleans, IN, and can personalize an insurance package to meet you and your family’s needs. Contact us by browsing our website, calling us on the phone, or meeting with us in the office. 

Why does an Orleans business need to have commercial insurance?

If you want to become a small business owner, finding the right place to open up and run the company is a crucial choice. A great place where you can run a successful business continues to be Orleans, IN. If you want to start a business here, having the right insurance needs to be a top priority. There are various reasons why a company here should always have commercial insurance. 

Insurance is the Best Way to Protect Business

An important reason for any company in this part of Indiana to get a commercial insurance plan is that it is the best way for a company to protect itself. A commercial insurance policy offers various important and helpful forms of insurance coverage. This includes coverage if the company is named liable for an accident, if assets are stolen or damaged, or if another covered loss is incurred. This can help to protect the future viability of the business.

Insurance is Often Mandatory

A company in this area should also have commercial insurance as it could be mandatory for them to obtain it. It is very common for a small business to enter into various agreements and contracts that would require insurance. If you do not have insurance, it could put the company in violation of lease agreements, loan agreements, and various other contracts. 

A business in the Orleans, IN area must obtain the correct type of insurance. If you are looking for a commercial insurance policy here, it would be wise to call Busick Insurance Agency LLC. The team with Busick Insurance Agency LLC understands the value of commercial coverage and could help you build a new policy. This can help ensure you will have proper insurance for your organization. 

Types of available Medicare insurance

Retirement and old age come fast. Turning 65 years old means that you can start receiving your Medicare insurance. There are choices to make, and making the right choice is very important. At Busick Insurance Agency LLC in Orleans, IN, we are here to help with this critical decision.

Original Medicare

Original Medical is Part A and Part B. This is the Medicare that your parents and grandparents had. Hospital insurance is Part A, and medical insurance is Part B. Any doctor who accepts Medicare is available to you. The plan pays 80% of reasonable charges. This type of Medicare does not have any prescription drug coverage. 

Medicare supplemental policy

A Medicare supplemental policy is something that you have to get on your own to cover the 20% copay. Different carriers offer it, which is not price-controlled, so your insurance will get higher as you get older. 

Medicare Part D (Prescription coverage)

If you choose original Medicare, you must get a Medicare Part D policy for prescriptions. Even if you don’t have any prescription drugs, it is wise to get coverage anyway. If you don’t, you will pay more forever when you do decide to get it. It increases yearly, making joining as soon as possible a good idea. 

Medicare Part C (Advantage)

You can choose Medicare Part C, known as Advantage, instead of Original Medicare. It is managed by an insurance company and offers many benefits. Many include prescription, dental and vision coverage. You also don’t pay 20%. Some plans include health club memberships, OTC allowance, and even home meal deliveries. 

Contact Busick Insurance Agency LLC in Orleans, IN to sit down and discuss what type of Medicare coverage is right for you.

What Is Not Covered By Renters Insurance?

Renter insurance policies do not cover the cost of replacing your property if it is damaged or stolen beyond the limits of your policy. They also do not cover any costs associated with liability if someone is injured or if there is property damage due to something you (or someone on your policy) did. For questions in Orleans, IN, contact Busick Insurance Agency LLC.

Things Renters Insurance Doesn’t Cover 

Renter’s insurance does not cover trips, medical expenses, or lost or stolen items. It also does not cover situations such as natural disasters. If you are looking for coverage for these events, you may want to purchase a different type of policy. 

Renter’s insurance is not designed to cover everything that could happen in your home. 

  • Jewelry and work equipment are covered only up to a certain amount 
  • Computer and phone are not covered if they are stolen
  • Clothes are only covered if they are stolen. 
  • Broken pipes are not covered if you do not have insurance for them. 
  • Broken windows are covered if they are due to weather. 
  • A hacked computer or a ransomware attack on your computer isn’t covered. 
  • Climbing on rooftops or antennas

Consider buying additional liability insurance if you have a dog or cat. People who own pets know how much they mean to the family, but they may not realize that a pet can be a liability if it bites someone. While renters insurance is integral to protecting your personal assets, it does not cover every risk. 

Bottom Line 

While most standard policies will cover your personal property if stolen or damaged, they may not cover certain activities. Renters’ insurance doesn’t cover the property if you use it to generate income (such as operating a business out of your home). Also, not catered are using your property to grow or produce illegal substances or keep animals that cause damage or injury. Call Busick Insurance Agency LLC if you’re stuck with questions in Orleans, IN.

Own a business in Indiana? Here’s the insurance info you need

Busick Insurance Agency LLC is here to help the Orleans, IN business community with all of its insurance needs. Several comprehensive commercial policies are available in our area, and we are here to help you find the solution that best meets your company’s needs. Give us a call today and schedule a consultation to learn more.

Business insurance needs to consider

Owning a business, no matter the type, requires a lot of hard work and determination. If you want to make sure that your firm has the protection it needs, here’s some useful info for you:

  • Inventory – when calculating your inventory protection amount, be sure to use the highest level of inventory that you carry. This is especially important for seasonal businesses.
  • Commercial fleets – if you rely on a fleet to keep your business moving, be sure that it has the proper protection. And, if your employees sometimes use their own vehicles while on the job, you’ll need protection for that.
  • Business interruption – if your business goes offline due to a covered event, this type of insurance is very important. Cash flow interruptions can spell doom to a company’s ongoing viability. Don’t let this happen to you!

There are many great commercial insurance options available in our area. We can help you find the right policy for your company that meets all of your business insurance needs.

Find out more today!

Busick Insurance Agency LLC wants to be your insurance partner. If you are a business owner in the greater Orleans, IN area, give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We can help you find the insurance solutions that your business needs!

Who needs umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a security blanket that offers liability protection beyond your current limits for popular policies like homeowners and auto insurance. If the total damages from an accident exceed your existing liability limits, the umbrella insurance policy serves as a backup to provide extra coverage. You’ll want to read the fine print of your contract to determine exactly what is covered. Still, typically umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage for lawsuits, damage to third party property, injuries to a third party, and personal liability. Many people question the need for umbrella insurance because they already have liability covered offered by their existing home and auto policies. However, if the damage exceeds your current liability coverage limits, you’ll be on the hook for paying the difference, which is likely to be thousands of dollars. 

With umbrella insurance, coverage extends to you and any dependents on your policy, such as a spouse or children. Therefore, if your teenager is involved in an auto accident just after getting their license that results in significant damage and injuries, your umbrella insurance can be used to cover that accident if the damages exceed your existing liability coverage. 

Bear in mind that umbrella insurance does not provide coverage for every circumstance with exclusions for criminal activity, injuries or damage to your property, and liability that you assume under a legal contract. 

To learn more about umbrella insurance and if it is right for you, give the friendly and professional team at Busick Insurance Agency LLC in Orleans, IN a call. We’ll walk you through your options and help you find a policy that best meets your needs. 

Why do you need health insurance in Indiana?

Those that are in the Orleans, IN area will have several personal insurance needs. This can include having coverage for your core assets including a home or vehicle. Another type of insurance that all people in this area should get is health insurance. There continue to be different reasons that the residents here will need to have a proper health insurance plan. 

Get Access to Affordable Care

A reason that you will need to have a health insurance plan in this area is so you can have access to affordable care. If you ever need a prescription, medical procedure, or need emergency attention, the costs can be significant. If you are adequately covered with a health insurance plan, it will give you the coverage that you need to reduce your total out-of-pocket costs associated with your healthcare needs. 

Coverage is a Requirement

It is also important that someone has health insurance is that it is a legal requirement. For the past several years, all people have been required to have health insurance and be able to provide evidence of coverage. If you are not able to document that you have been covered throughout the year when you file your taxes, you could face penalties and fines. 

Anyone that lives in the Orleans, IN area will need to ensure that they are properly covered with health insurance. When you have a proper health insurance plan, it can help ensure you are able to obtain affordable care. However, there are a lot of choices to make when looking for coverage. The team with Busick Insurance Agency LLC can help you build your next plan. Busick Insurance Agency LLC does this by providing you with the guidance needed so you can be assured that you are properly covered. 

5 Reasons you Need Life Insurance in Orleans, IN

Most people shy away from the topic of death. While we will all die at some point, no one knows when death will come knocking. That said, you should always be ready in the event of untimely death, and having life insurance in place is that preparation.

Apart from offering financial assistance to your loved ones when you are no more, there are other reasons why life insurance is a must-have. Read on to find out the five reasons you need life insurance, as prepared by Busick Insurance Agency LLC.

Meets the needs of your family

One of the main benefits of life insurance is to secure your loved ones in the event of your death. If you have dependents, you can’t afford to miss life insurance. The death benefits can pay for their regular expenses like medication or education.

Protects your business

Life insurance protects your business in case something happens to you. If you have a business partner, the proceeds from the life insurance can be used to buy time as they ponder on the next move.

Pays off the debts

You probably have loans like a car, house, or even education as you navigate life. In the case of your sudden death, you don’t want to burden your loved ones with debts. That’s why life insurance is ideal, as it will clear off your debts.

It’s affordable

Life insurance is pretty affordable, especially when you buy at a young age. Other factors influencing its premium include gender, age, health, coverage amount, and term length.

For peace of mind

Life insurance would protect your family financially if the worst were to happen. That assurance gives you peace of mind even as you live life.

Life insurance in Orleans, IN

No matter what your current financial status looks like, you can’t predict when a disaster will strike. That’s why life insurance is a no-brainer for anyone with dependents. Ready to purchase life insurance in Orleans, IN, and its environs? Contact Busick Insurance Agency LLC for an affordable quote.

Finding Life Insurance When in a High-Risk Job

Some jobs naturally have a higher risk than others and make getting life insurance more challenging. However, there are options that you can consider if you want to protect your family. We at Busick Insurance Agency LLC can help Orleans, IN buyers understand their many options here.

Do You Have a High-Risk Job? 

Not everybody who thinks they have a high-risk job may be considered high-risk by their insurance company. Understanding these different elements will help to ensure that you get the best coverage. High-risk jobs often include:

  • Laborers and construction workers of many types 
  • Electrical workers who handle wires and repairs 
  • Agricultural workers who may be at a high risk of injury 
  • Delivery or truck drivers who spend much time on the road 
  • Roofers and other construction experts 
  • Fishers and other on-the-water jobs 
  • Steelworkers, particularly those in high-risk jobs 
  • Logging professionals and log handlers 
  • Pilots and flight engineers 

These careers all put you at a higher risk of injury or death and require specialized life insurance coverage. Understanding your options is critical because you may find yourself unable to get a policy if you don’t work directly with your provider to understand your choices.

Your Options 

Talk to your life insurance company to learn more about high-risk insurance options. You’ll likely be asked to take a medical exam to determine if your job has already impacted your health. Expect to pay more for your policies, as well, though this will vary based on your provider and state. 

Give Us the Chance to Help You 

At Busick Insurance Agency LLC, we understand the many types of life insurance options available on the market today. As a result, we can give Orleans, IN residents a better understanding of their choices and minimize confusion.