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Umbrella Insurance in Indiana

Umbrella Insurance is designed to work alongside your existing insurance policies to provide coverage that exceeds the limits of your primary insurance. Suppose you have a car accident and the medical costs are greater than what your automobile insurance will provide. Umbrella automobile insurance will have a higher ceiling than your car insurance, and it will begin to cover expenses when your other insurance coverage has been exhausted. A good umbrella policy is essential to protecting your assets in the event of lawsuits, collisions involving multiple vehicles, and other unforeseen occurrences.

You can also purchase an umbrella insurance policy to supplement your homeowner's insurance, and this is important because umbrella insurance tends to include scenarios that your main insurance does not. If you own a dog, for example, most umbrella insurance policies will pay for the hospital bills and costs stemming from lawsuits relating to dog bites. Renters in Orleans, IN can also purchase umbrella insurance to aid with paying for losses that are owed to your landlord because of damage you have caused.

Commercial Umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance is also available for Indiana professionals, and this is designed to provide coverage in situations where your commercial liability insurance has already paid its maximum. You can also purchase umbrella insurance to supervene when your malpractice insurance cap has been reached. If your income is earned as a landlord, you can add umbrella insurance to your primary landlord insurance, and this will give added protection if your building is vandalized. It will also cover legal expenses arising from circumstances where a tenant or their guest is injured due to negligence or other factors.

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Busick Insurance Agency, LLC is a provider of various insurance options and has valuable experience serving the residents of Orleans, IN, Paoli, and those living throughout the state of Indiana. Visit our website to use our convenient tool for finding homeowners and automobile insurance, and contact us to discuss all your umbrella insurance needs today!