Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

You may wonder what umbrella insurance is. It’s definitely not going to protect your rain gear as its name sounds like. However, it does protect you and your family by giving you extra coverage. At Busick Insurance Agency LLC, serving Orleans, IN, and the surrounding area, we offer umbrella policies on insurance types like your home or auto. 

General Information About an Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy is basically an amplification of a current policy. Let’s say, you have a maximum liability of $250,000 on your car insurance. If you should happen to get into an accident that costs you more than that, the umbrella policy takes over. The same applies to certain other types of insurance as well, which one of our agents will discuss with you when you inquire about an umbrella policy. 

Who Benefits From an Umbrella Policy in Orleans, IN 

Many people can benefit from an add-on policy. It gives them that extra bit of protection, so they don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses that they can’t afford. If an accident happened that exceeded your standard policy’s maximum, you’re responsible for the remaining balance. More than likely, you’re not going to want to spend that money. Additionally, if you don’t have it, you could experience a debt that’s going to linger for quite some time. 

One of the most important reasons to get an umbrella policy is to protect your assets, including your home, car, and anything else you own of value. Let’s say an accident happens, and you have a balance you’re responsible for. The court could try to seize your assets to pay for that portion of the debt. 

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