Five Assets That Add Risk to Your Home

While many homeowners aim to add to their assets, certain belongings can increase your personal liability or the likelihood that a guest will be injured on your property or bring a lawsuit. Here, the Busick Insurance Agency LLC team in Orleans, IN shares the most common assets that add risk to your home so you can steer clear. 

A Trampoline

Trampolines add risk for three reasons: they attract neighborhood children to your yard, give the appearance you have money, and sometimes cause injuries. Trampolines often lead to personal injury lawsuits against the homeowners who own them and let neighborhood children jump on them. 

A Swimming Pool

The trifecta of risk that applies to trampolines applies to swimming pools, too: they attract children, they give the appearance of wealth, and they come with inherent risk, all of which increase your risk of loss. 

Your Dog

Okay, maybe he’s not a personal belonging – but your dog comes with some serious liability. If they bite a guest, mail carrier, or passerby (even if they provoked the dog), you might be held liable for your dog’s behavior. 

A Deck

If you often host get-togethers on your deck, you might be at risk of deck failure. Decks are designed to bear a certain amount of weight depending on their size and construction, and deck parties that exceed that weight limit can put attendees at risk of injury. 

To learn more about limiting your risk as a homeowner, visit us at Busick Insurance Agency LLC in Orleans, IN today. We’re passionate about helping homeowners protect their assets!