Are You Required to Carry RV Insurance?

If you have recently purchased a new RV, you may find yourself wondering if you are required to carry RV insurance. At Busick Insurance Agency LLC, serving the Orleans, IN area, we want you to be educated and informed when it comes to any insurance-related questions you may have. Here is what you need to know about RV insurance. 

If you have financed or are leasing an RV, the financing or leasing company requires you to carry full coverage RV insurance. This is the same as when you buy a new car. The financing or leasing company wants to protect their interest in the RV and ensure that if the RV is in a totaled in an accident or is stolen, that insurance will pay them the value of the RV, so they are not out any money in case you decide to stop paying on the RV. 

If you have paid for the RV in full, RV insurance is still required by law in order to register and operate the RV. However, you are not required to carry full coverage on the RV. While you are not required to carry full coverage, there are still many benefits associated with carrying full coverage insurance on your RV, including being protected against theft, vandalism or underinsured or uninsured drivers. 

If you have purchased, or are going to be purchasing, an RV in the greater Orleans, IN area, Busick Insurance Agency LLC can help you insure the RV. Give us a call now and let’s sit down and discuss the different policies available and which one may be the best fit for your needs.