3 Reasons Why Motor Home Insurance Is So Important

As soon as you buy a motor home in Orleans, IN, you have to look at insurance. While you might want to skip the added expense, there are a few reasons why you want to get a policy that you can rely on. At Busick Insurance Agency LLC, we’re here to explain the importance of a good motor home policy.

Protect Your Investment

You never know what to expect on the roads of Orleans, IN or anywhere else for that matter. If someone vandalizes your motor home while it’s at an RV park or it gets broken into when it’s parked in your driveway, you want to know that you can file a claim. Your homeowner’s insurance isn’t going to protect your motor home, so the only option is to get a policy that will.

Get Repairs after an Accident

If there’s an accident on the road, whether you run into a guard rail or hit another vehicle, you want to know that you can get your motor home fixed. Without insurance, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. With a policy, you’d only be responsible for the deductible, which can be as low as $500.

Adhere to State Laws

It’s important to understand the laws in Indiana as they pertain to proof of financial responsibility. If your motor home has an engine of its own, as opposed to being the fifth wheel, for example, it is considered a motor vehicle. This means that you need to adhere to the state minimum for liability coverage. From there, you can add more coverage as a way to protect yourself against the other things that can happen on and off the road.

With the help of independent insurance agents at Busick Insurance Agency LLC, we can help you find the right policy for your motor home. Contact us today to let us review your information and get quotes from several insurance companies.