Do I need to carry motorcycle insurance in Indiana?

When you hit the open road with your motorcycle you won’t be alone, Indiana has more than 250,000 registered motorcycles making it number 11th in the nation. When it comes to requirements by the state, motorcycles are not mentioned specifically however, all drivers are required to carry minimum levels of liability insurance. In the state of Indiana, that is 25/50/25. This means that for any person injured in an accident, $25,000 of coverage is a must with a total of $50,000 for all persons injured in an accident. Additionally $25,000 in property damage coverage is required. Busick Insurance Agency LLC in Orleans, IN has been helping residents find the right policy for their needs for over 50 years. 

While liability is required, it only protects other people from you, what about your motorcycle? Chances are you spent quite a lot to have the motorcycle of your dreams. If you have a motorcycle loan, your lender will require that you have insurance on the bike to protect their investment. Once your loan is paid off you may be tempted to let your coverage lapse. If you have an accident where either you are at fault or no other driver is involved you will be left holding the bag for any damage to your bike. This can be thousands of dollars. 

Collision and comprehensive coverage provide protection for your motorcycle. It covers theft as well as damage that is the result of flood, wind, hail, deer and other large animals as well as trees, poles and other vehicles. You may not need to have this coverage but opting for it can be a good decision. 

At Busick Insurance Agency LLC in Orleans, IN our agents understand motorcycle insurance and the benefits to you as a motorcycle driver. Stop by our office or give us a call for a free no-obligation quote.