Preparing For The Unexpected With Life Insurance

At Busick Insurance Agency LLC in Orleans, IN, we take life insurance very seriously. We have seen many people who could no longer live a good life because their spouse/dad/mom died. Also, we have seen people drop out of school because the person responsible for their school fees died.

The most heartbreaking one is getting homes and cars repossessed by financing organizations because the loans can no longer be paid. This is why we are advising all our clients to make adequate provision for your family in case the unexpected happens. Your demise won’t mark the beginning of hardship for them.

The best way to do this is through life insurance. Here are a few things we want you to consider.

1. Make provision for your funeral

Even if you want a low-profile funeral, it will still cost some money to pull it off. It cost a few hundred dollars to buy a casket. You don’t want your spouse to borrow to give you a befitting burial. So, you should make a provision for your burial now.

When you purchase your life insurance from us, we will fund the funeral according to your instructions and your family won’t have to spend a dime.

2. Your kids’ school fees

You should also ensure that your kids won’t need to drop out of school or take a loan to complete their studies when you pass on. We will help you work that into your life insurance policy.

3. Are you paying any debt?

In case you are still paying for a car or your home, or any other property. Let us know the details. We will complete the loan and ensure that they are not repossessed from your family.

4. Daily expenses

We’ll also like you to make provisions for the daily expenses of your family.

When you can take care of the four items listed above, you can rest assured that your demise won’t change the trajectory of the lives of your beloved ones. For more information on our life insurance products, you can hit us up at Busick Insurance Agency LLC in Orleans, IN.

Protect Your Indiana Business with Comprehensive Commercial Insurance

Busick Insurance Agency LLC is here to help business owners in the greater Orleans, IN area get the comprehensive commercial insurance they need. There are many advantages to having a comprehensive commercial policy, and we will review a few of them in this post. If you have any questions or would like to know if comprehensive insurance makes sense for your business, get in touch with us today!

Benefits of Comprehensive Commercial Insurance for Indiana Businesses

One of the greatest benefits of a comprehensive insurance policy is that you can tailor it to your firm’s needs. When you work with a specialized commercial insurance agent, you can rest assured that you will get the information you need to make an informed decision. 

  • Robust coverage limits — primary policies often have low policy limits that can leave you responsible in the event of a major, covered event. 
  • Specialized coverage that meets your needs — some businesses require extra coverage for their custom equipment, others need a policy that takes care of their multi-vehicle commercial fleet. No matter your needs, there is likely a policy available to meet them.
  • Peace of mind – when you have the coverage that you know that your business needs, you can rest easy and focus on your business. 

No one wants to find out that they don’t have the right insurance after a catastrophe happens. Make sure that you have the coverage you need before you need it!

Is it time for your business to upgrade to comprehensive commercial insurance? The team here at Busick Insurance Agency LLC is here to meet the needs of business owners in the greater Orleans, IN area. Call or stop by today to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable agents. 

Is Comprehensive Insurance Required For Financing?

When it comes to financing a vehicle, there are specific requirements that need to be met to get the funding necessary for a purchase. One of those requirements is full coverage auto insurance. Most require a certain amount of full coverage rather than allowing the buyer to select a coverage amount, and this also includes carrying comprehensive insurance.

What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive insurance protects the vehicle against a variety of risks, whether it is parked or cruising down the highway. This type of insurance covers animal damage, hail, theft, and many other scenarios. This type of coverage is available in a variety of amounts. It usually has a deductible that the owner of the vehicle must meet before the insurance coverage pays the claim. Those who are considering financing a vehicle should consult a licensed insurance agent to obtain the correct insurance amount so they can complete the sale of the vehicle. 

Working With an Auto Insurance Agent

Before buying a vehicle, consult with an auto insurance agent to get a quote and compare it with other providers. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and find out what the fine print for each policy entails. Not all auto insurance policies are the same, so make sure the one selected provides adequate coverage with an acceptable deductible to avoid complications if there is a covered incident. Those who live near Paoli or Orleans, IN can count on Busick Insurance Agency LLC to provide the quality insurance products necessary to get peace of mind

Don’t guess when it comes to auto insurance policies. Get assistance from a knowledgeable insurance agency with licensed agents who can guide customers through the policy buying process and assist with claims. Call or stop by Busick Insurance Agency LLC, proudly serving Paoli and Orleans, IN. 

Are Video Doorbells Effective as a Theft Deterrent?

Video doorbells are one of the best ways to deter thieves from trying to gain access to your home. Most are easy to install and can be up and running in as little as 30 minutes. In Orleans, IN, the agents at Busick Insurance Agency can show you many different tips, tricks, and devices to keep your home safe and give you peace of mind.

Two-Way Communication

Video doorbells are equipped with two-way communication software that allows you to not only see, but speak to whoever is standing at your door. If someone tries to sneak up to your door, you can easily start a conversation with the person without anyone touching the door or the doorbell.

Remote Access

Video doorbells are also able to connect to your home’s WiFi. This allows you to access the doorbell from an app that is downloaded to your phone. You can turn on the video camera any time you like and, if an alert is triggered, you can immediately turn on the camera and speak to the visitor.

Works With Most Home Security Systems

Most video doorbells are easily compatible with either professional or DIY home security systems. They can connect with other smart devices so that your entire home security system can be managed with one convenient app. You can choose whether to control the doorbell separately or as part of the entire system.

The agents of Busick Insurance Agency are dedicated to helping the residents of Orleans, IN keep their home and family safe. If you are interested in learning more, call and talk to an agent today! Keeping your home secure is a top priority and our agents are always willing to help!

What Is Medicare Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

Medicare is a popular topic today, but not everyone knows who it’s for and how it can help. This government-funded health insurance has helped countless people get quality care and services from doctors they trust. Still, there are some restrictions that Busick Insurance Agency LLC wants everyone to know. If you’re interested in signing up, here are a few facts you need to know before doing it. 

Not Everyone Is Eligible 

Medicare was explicitly designed for Americans aged 65 and up, although it’s worth noting that people younger can potentially sign up for it too. Those with specific disabilities (including kidney failure) may be approved for Medicare. If you live in Paoli or Orleans, IN, you may want to talk to an expert to learn more about your eligibility. 

How It Works

Medicare has more than one plan available, and each one comes with its own set of pros and cons. The general rule of thumb is that Part A covers inpatient care, while Part B covers outpatient care. So if you need to stay in the hospital for several days, Part A may cover those costs. There are also Part C and Part D plans that offer different perks to members, including prescription drug coverage and wellness programs. 

Do I Need It?

Medicare insurance may be the only thing that stands between you and the medical bills that you can’t pay. For those who live in Paoli or Orleans IN, it can be a great way to get peace of mind for an uncertain future. If you have questions about whether you’re eligible or which plan is right for you, give Busick Insurance Agency LLC a call today. We can take you through each option step-by-step so that you can make a smarter decision. 

4 Tips for Preparing Your Vehicle for Harsh Indiana Winters

If you live in the Paoli or Orleans, IN area, you’re surely in for a brutal winter. There are some things you can do to prepare, such as switching some things out on your vehicle and getting maintenance on it. Also, you can talk to experts at Busick Insurance Agency LLC about auto insurance options that are ideal for this harsh time of year.

Check the Oil

Make sure you’re using the right type of oil for cold weather. This is because the cold will affect oil viscosity. Then, your vehicle may not function properly.

Check on Belts and More

Take a look over the belts, hoses, and battery in your car. Low temperatures can affect all of them. You might need to replace your old battery, especially if it’s more than three years old. You should also make sure that you have working windshield wipers and that you have enough windshield wiper fluid to avoid visibility issues.

Headlights and Brake Lights Are a Must

Speaking of visibility, it’s crucial that other drives can see your automobile. Since the winter is full of gray days and heavy snow, you should have brake lights and headlights that are in top condition. Check them often to be sure that there is no snow on them.

Tires Are Important Too

Check the tire pressure on your car’s tires often as well as that they have enough tread. If you’re hesitant to do this yourself, bring your vehicle to an auto shop. You should have chains in your vehicle at all times.

Even when you do all this and other protective measures for your vehicle, accidents and other issues can happen. If you’re in Paoli or Orleans, IN and want to learn about your auto insurance options, contact Busick Insurance Agency LLC right away.

Reasons to Have Renters Insurance

One of the requirements of owning a home under a mortgage is home insurance, but did you know that as a renter, you should also have insurance? In many situations, when renting a home or apartment, insurance is not a requirement. However, it is inexpensive, and it is a financial tool to help protect you and your belongings. Here are just a few reasons why renters in Orleans, IN should talk with Busick Insurance Agency LLC about obtaining renters insurance.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects you against the legal responsibilities of paying for damages should someone get injured while visiting you in your home or apartment. For instance, if you have a guest that slips and falls in your home and needs medical treatment, your renter’s insurance will protect you against the liability of covering the cost for their treatment. Renters insurance will also protect you up to the limit of your liability should the person choose to sue you in court.

Coverage When Unable to Stay in Your Home

Should there be a natural disaster or other force that makes your home unlivable during repairs, your renter’s insurance will cover the cost of the expenses you incur while staying somewhere else during the renovations. The amount of coverage varies from policy to policy. So, it’s important to talk with your provider about your specified requirements and the amount of coverage.


Should someone break into your home and steal your belongings, without insurance, you are responsible for the cost of replacement. However, with renters insurance, the cost of replacing your personal belongings will be covered. Your insurance provider will request a list of all valuables in your home, so be sure to keep a copy of this in a safe place, so you will know if damaged or stolen items are covered in your policy.

Although your landlord is responsible for the repairs of any structural damage, such as damages caused by the weather, they are not responsible for the cost of damages to your personal belongings. Renters insurance is an inexpensive way to ensure you will not be out hundreds of dollars to replace damaged or stolen items should a disaster occur or damages caused by intruders.

Residents of Paoli or Orleans, IN that are interested in the purchase of renters insurance should contact Busick Insurance Agency LLC.

Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance?

If you drive a motorcycle in Paoli or Orleans, IN or plan on purchasing a motorcycle, you also need to take out an insurance policy on that motorcycle. The insurance policy protects you in case you are involved in an accident while driving your motorcycle. Under Indiana law, the minimum requirement is to carry both underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage. This helps cover any injuries you sustain that the other driver is not able to pay for due to insufficient insurance coverage. A state-licensed insurance company like Busick Insurance Agency LLC can meet with you to discuss additional coverage options beyond liability. 

Financial Responsibility

Anyone who drives a motorcycle in Indiana must establish that they have established responsibility in the event of sustained injuries or damages. If for some reason you are having difficulties finding an insurance company that will issue you a traditional policy, the state has established the Indiana Auto Insurance Plan. You will need to talk to a state-licensed insurance company to find out more details or to apply. Other ways to establish financial responsibility include making a deposit with the state treasurer, establishing evidence of a trust fund, or taking out a bond that is issued by a surety company. 

Liability Requirements

Indiana requires certain minimum liability coverage. This includes bodily injury for a single individual involved in one accident, bodily injury coverage for additional persons involved in one accident, and property damage. Although a policy that covers the minimum requirements will be sufficient, you may want to take out a higher amount of coverage for your unique needs. Before you can register and obtain a title for your motorcycle, you must provide proof of coverage that meets the minimum requirements.   

Contact Busick Insurance Agency LLC in Orleans, IN for a quote today!

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

You may wonder what umbrella insurance is. It’s definitely not going to protect your rain gear as its name sounds like. However, it does protect you and your family by giving you extra coverage. At Busick Insurance Agency LLC, serving Orleans, IN, and the surrounding area, we offer umbrella policies on insurance types like your home or auto. 

General Information About an Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy is basically an amplification of a current policy. Let’s say, you have a maximum liability of $250,000 on your car insurance. If you should happen to get into an accident that costs you more than that, the umbrella policy takes over. The same applies to certain other types of insurance as well, which one of our agents will discuss with you when you inquire about an umbrella policy. 

Who Benefits From an Umbrella Policy in Orleans, IN 

Many people can benefit from an add-on policy. It gives them that extra bit of protection, so they don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses that they can’t afford. If an accident happened that exceeded your standard policy’s maximum, you’re responsible for the remaining balance. More than likely, you’re not going to want to spend that money. Additionally, if you don’t have it, you could experience a debt that’s going to linger for quite some time. 

One of the most important reasons to get an umbrella policy is to protect your assets, including your home, car, and anything else you own of value. Let’s say an accident happens, and you have a balance you’re responsible for. The court could try to seize your assets to pay for that portion of the debt. 

Contact Busick Insurance Agency LLC, serving Orleans, IN and the nearby region, for a quote for umbrella insurance today by calling 812-865-2626.

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Health Insurance Policy

The world of health insurance can be an exceptionally complicated one to navigate. Between the deductibles, the out-of-pocket costs, and the co-pays, it can feel like a complete mystery as to which policy will work best for you. However, just because it will take some time to work through the options doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort. Here are three reasons, courtesy of Busick Insurance Agency LLC, to reconsider. 

1. It’s Your Health 

If you’re afraid to see the doctor because you don’t know what your plan covers, you’re taking a big risk. The faster your doctor catches a serious condition, the more likely it is they can take effective action. It’s not fair to yourself to forego your health in favor of denial.  

2. Your Policy May Not Be Enough 

If you live in Orleans IN, you need a policy that will protect you regardless of what may happen. If your deductible is too high, you may find yourself unable to cover the costs of your medical bills. This is especially true if you have to miss work for any reason. 

3. You Should Know 

Not knowing is typically the worst part of insurance. Too many people believe that their claims will be approved, only to find that they didn’t understand their policy very well. Busick Insurance Agency LLC wants everyone to know the core details of their policy, so there are fewer surprises later on. 

It’s impossible for anyone in Orleans, IN to learn each clause of their health insurance policy. However, it is possible to make it a little less confusing. If you want to learn more about what it takes to get a better health insurance policy, call us today for more information. We’re here to get you on your way.